Best Time to Visit Australia Great Barrier Reef


As one of the seven natural marvels as well as a Globe Heritage Area, the Great Barrier Coral reef off Australia’s eastern coastline is a traveler attraction like nothing else. The exotic climate of the region can have a big influence on the experience of travelers seeing the reef, from the water temperature to the possibility to see the humpback whale movement.

Whether you plan to take a field trip, a picturesque trip, or remain at a resort on among the more than 900 islands, this overview will assist you determine when to check out the Great Barrier Coral Reef.

When to go to the Great Barrier Reef based on Weather

Much North Queensland as well as the Wonderful Barrier Reef have 2 major seasons, the damp (or environment-friendly) season from November to April and also the completely dry season from May to October.

The regular rainfall can harm exposure for snorkeling on the coral reef, but the cozy water temperatures are pleasant for swimming. In March and also April, there is likewise a somewhat greater possibility of a cyclone. If you prepare to drive in between cities along the shore, realize that the damp period can bring flooding that closes some roadways.

Dwarf minke whales can be spotted on the coral reef during June as well as July, as well as manta rays additionally make a look. In August, the humpback whale movement begins to travel through the coral reef and will continue until September. Spring (September, October, and November) is completely dry as well as bright around Cairns, with water temperature levels starting to warm up back up as well as low winds permitting superb snorkeling and diving.

Box and Irukandji jellyfish (likewise known as stingers) have very harmful poison that can be deadly to humans. The stings can trigger intense discomfort, migraines, throwing up, respiratory distress, and also even heart attack, depending upon the variety of stings and also the age of the sufferer. Consequently, you will certainly see webs at coastlines along the Far North Queensland shore from around November to May.

Stingers generally inhabit river mouths and superficial waters, indicating the threat is a lot reduced out on the Great Barrier Coral reef; nonetheless, a lot of trip operators will certainly have full-body stinger matches readily available to ensure your safety. The wintertime school getaway period runs between June as well as July in Australia, making these the busiest months in Cairns and also the Great Barrier Coral Reef.

If you are able to visit at the beginning or end of the completely dry period (e. g. May or September/October), you will certainly capture the most effective climate combined the least travel companions. Cairns is a tiny city with a population of around 150,000 individuals. It is a center for tourist in the area, with the majority of visitors using it as a base to check out the rain forest and also the reef.

Crowd levels are low, apart from a slight rise in domestic travelers around the Xmas and also New Year duration. Out on the reef, clear early mornings and also warm water will give you a chance to snorkel, prior to sheltering from the rainstorm in the late afternoon. Rain does not generally influence divers, unless you encounter a cyclone-level downpour.

When to go to the Great Barrier Reef based on crowds and prices

Easter is a prominent time to take a trip for Australian families, yet the remainder of the period you are unlikely to experience crowds or high rates. Reserve ahead for scenic tours and holiday accommodation during this time around of year as it is peak season in Cairns. Water temperature levels are cooler however the sunlight and also lack of rain are best for sightseeing and tour and also delighting in a tropical vacation.

When to go to the Great Barrier Reef for snorkeling or scuba diving


April as well as May are easily said to be the most effective time to check out the Great Barrier Coral reef when taking into consideration the weather, quality as well as the groups entirely. Although there can be site visitors at the coral reef year-round, the periods as well as weather condition does change quite a little bit throughout the year.

Normal daytime temperature levels in between these two months are typically in the high 70’s F as well as often reaching to the reduced 80’s with a much lower chance of rain than in the previous pointed out months. With these better and also much more comfortable climate condition, lots of people believe this short home window of time is the outright time to see and check out the Great Barrier Coral reef Naturally with the plentiful marine life filling the waters of the Great Obstacle Coral reef, nearly every visitor plans on heading right into the water to witness these amazing animals as well as marvels.

As stated previously, the temperature levels are very moderate and also the opportunity of rainfall is really reduced throughout this time around of year, that makes the water conditions incredibly wonderful. Clear waters mean more presence and better conditions to see all the vibrant coral reefs as well as fish that fill up the waters. This time of the year, although a little colder in regards to weather is an even much better time to go diving as well as snorkeling.