Best time to visit the gold coast

Queensland’s Gold Coast has a sub-tropical climate with around 300 days of sunshine per year. Strategy ahead with this information on the temperature level and rainfall and do not forget to pack the sunscreen. Throughout summertime, the average temperature level is an enjoyable 21 – 28. 4C (69. 8 – 83. 1F). February is the wettest month (Receiving 184mm/7.

During the summer season humidity is high, approximately 69 – 75 percent, but this is balanced out by cool sea breezes. In autumn, sunny days are followed by cooler nights with typical temperatures between 18 – 25. 7C (64. 4 – 78. 2F). Water temperature levels are still high enough to swim (25.

3F) and it is normally less rainy than the summertime. Winter on the Gold Coast is usually bright and dry with typical temperature levels in between 12. 5 – 21. 5C (54. 5 – 70. 7F). The Hinterland is somewhat cooler with optimum winter temperatures around 16C (60. 8F). Clear skies and dry air average cool nights.

South-East Queensland’s warm vacation hotspot has long been a preferred getaway destination for people not only all over Australia but worldwide. This, in large part, is because of its constant and satisfying weather, beaches, and family-friendly destinations. Extending along an expansive length of coastline there are sufficient chances to take pleasure in marine and waterfront activities all over the Gold Coast.

Avoid: mid-November to first week December due to yearly Schoolies Week; likewise, prevent in October due to Gold Coast 600 race, unless you’re a motorsport fan Events throughout this season: Blues on Broadbeach music celebration, International Marine Expo, Sanctuary Cove International Boat Program Recommended outing locations: Gold Coast Hinterland, South Stradbroke Island, Byron Bay While it will be tempting for lots of to see the Gold Coast as a summer destination due to the capacity for water and beach activities, some people might discover the humidity uncomfortable.

Among the city’s significant drawcards is its lovely sunshine. With an average of 300 warm days each year, the Gold Coast is unlike many other significant destinations in the nation who typically see spikes of hot and cold, damp and dry seasons throughout the year. The Gold Coast’s weather condition patterns are constant and one of the factors it constantly draws crowds every month of the year.

3 – 25. 4 degrees celsius (63. 14 – 77. 72 Fahrenheit). Throughout the summertime where the beaches are the go-to destination, you can anticipate sensational bright days with the perfect temperature level for colling down in the water and capturing those surf breaks at the popular Surfers Paradise. Another factor why visiting the Gold Coast is a should on school vacations are all the extraordinary theme parks that are on deal.

Hotel prices during the Gold Coast 600 duration are some of the highest of the year and can put severe damage in your wallet if you’re uninformed of the race in advance. November and December see a lot more crowds drawn to the beaches and attractions, however, are some of the most convenient times for families.

Schoolies Week sees finishing year 12 students from around Queensland hold up in their hotel spaces and apartments drinking prior to moving down to the beach to continue events. If you are seeking to visit throughout this time, we advise staying outside of Surfers Paradise and only coming in to experience the attractions throughout the day.

Arranging your vacation around the middle to end of April through to May will enable you to take pleasure in some excellent weather conditions. The weather is generally moderate but bright (temperature levels balance a minimum of 16. 8 degrees C and 24. 6 degrees C maximum) with low rainfall and hotel rates being at a few of their least expensive of the year.

Furthermore, there are a number of events occurring around the Gold Coast region that will enable you to delight in the outdoors for little to no cash. The annual Blues on Broadbeach music festival brings a sense of vigor to one of the Gold Coast’s majority of fashionable suburbs, which is situated simply a 5-10 minute drive south of the more famous center of Surfers Paradise.