Fun Things to do in Adelaide: Your Family Friendly Guide

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Adelaide is a fun and vibrant city in South Australia with so much to offer, and it provides plenty of things to do for people of all ages.

Adelaide is a tourist hotspot for families, couples, and groups alike. It’s known for its city life – but don’t forget about its natural beauties, too! With pristine beaches and forest reserves, Adelaide is the perfect holiday destination that will keep you feeling refreshed.

Let’s find out about Adelaide attractions, the fun and family-friendly activities that will be part of your amazing experience.

Fun activities and Adelaide Attractions

Visit the Art Gallery of South Australia

The Art Gallery of South Australia is a beacon to all those who love art. The gallery features an impressive level of diversity, from Aboriginal artwork to European masterpieces. Located in Adelaide’s CBD on North Terrace, the place has something for everyone – so it should be no surprise that people have been drawn there since its opening day back in 1884!

Play at West Beach

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West Beach is a great place to go for family day trips. Here you can enjoy snacks and drinks at The Ice Cream Cafe. Kids will love their ice cream – it’s a cool place with lots of playgrounds for all ages as well as picnic areas. It doesn’t matter if this is your first time here or not; there’s always something new to do.

Visit the National Wine Centre

Located in South Australia’s capital city, the National Wine Centre is a perfect place to visit for those who want to learn about wine and have fun. There are free self-guided experiences related to winemaking as well as a discovery journey which deals with the history of Australian wine. Wine tours are also available.

Go to the Adelaide Central Market

There’s no better place in Adelaide to get your fill of international cuisine than the Central Market, a foodie Mecca packed with plenty of stands and stalls selling all sorts of tasty treats. Chicken kebabs await you at Ramona’s Kebab House; just around the corner are luscious scones from Tiroler Bakery or mouth-watering meat pies from The Pie Shoppe.

This is also where you can sign up for cooking classes like Thai Cooking 101 if it so happens that there isn’t much on offer today! You’ll never be bored here because kids will love exploring an interactive play area full of activities while parents enjoy some peace and quiet over a cup of coffee (or two).

Learn About Wine at the Barossa Valley

The Barossa Valley is Adelaide’s world-renowned wine region, with a range of fun things to do for the amateur and the professional. Take a day trip out into nature and learn what it takes to make good grape juice with guided tours around vineyards such as Black Hill Station, or enjoy an exclusive tasting session with your friends (or family) at boutique wineries like Seppeltsfield. If you’re looking for something fun in between try some water slides over at Barossa Valley Adventures!

Experience Adelaide Cabaret Festival

The Adelaide Cabaret Festival (ACE) is the largest and most prestigious annual festival of its kind in Australia. Held at the Adelaide Festival Centre, it commences on the Queen’s Birthday long weekend each year, drawing both national and international arts artists with diverse programming. The unique event ensures an eclectic mix for audiences who want a little more than regular theatre or comedy offers.

Adelaide Botanic Gardens

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Visiting the Botanic Gardens is a great way to spend time with your family, especially if you are new in town. It has so much to offer and something for everyone. You will enjoy all of the different plants from around Australia and other parts of the world- they’re sure to pique anyone’s curiosity about exploring their natural surroundings more closely.

There is also an open garden that displays hundreds upon thousands of flowers during springtime—it really gives people inspiration when it comes down to making beauty happen year-round in their own backyard gardens as well.<br> If you love looking at Australian wildlife then this place may be just up your alley too: there are lots of animals like owls, water dragons, or even koalas that you can see on display!

Enjoy the Animals at Murray River Park

Located in Murray Bridge, 45 minutes from Adelaide city centre, this park is perfect for those who want to get up close with some of Australia’s most iconic animals. You can see kangaroos and wallabies roaming freely while koalas cuddle peacefully in their trees.

Learn the History at South Australian Museum

Founded in 1854, the South Australian Museum is one of Australia’s oldest and most significant museums. Located on North Terrace right next to the Art Gallery.

The South Australian Museum is a historic and modern-day institution that provides collections of natural history, wildlife, culture. The museum has the largest collection of Aboriginal artifacts in Australia with over 3000 pieces on display. You can explore the biodiversity found throughout Southern Australia by taking a tour through interactive displays where you’ll be able to touch screens or other special features while learning about marine life like dolphins and fish!

Try to Have a Guided Tour of West Terrace Cemetery

Located on the corner of South Terrace and West Tce, this cemetery is one of Adelaide’s most significant historic sites. Established in 1846 as a burial ground for the ‘respectable’ classes, it was later expanded to include sections for Catholic and Jewish burials. The cemetery is a recreation of the original 1846 plan and contains many monuments from well-known South Australian figures such as John McDouall Stuart.

Visit Adelaide Oval for Sports Games or Concerts

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The largest sports stadium in Australia, Adelaide Oval has been home to some iconic moments that have shaped our history! A visit on any day of the week will show you why this is one of Adelaide’s most loved attractions.

If you’re looking for a good way to spend your weekends, going to an event at Adelaide Oval may be just what you need! You can watch cricket games here or concert events like by Elton John and Foo Fighters.

Take a Look at the National Railway Museum, Port Adelaide

Railway Station building

Imagine the joy of exploring a museum dedicated to trains. The National Railway Museum, Port Adelaide is one such place where rail enthusiasts can explore and learn about railway history from around the world.

The National Railway Museum in Port Adelaide has been attracting visitors since 1989 with its exhibits featuring everything from old locomotives that you could once ride on to interactive stations for children interested in engineering careers like railroad operations or design work at high-speed railways.

Stop by Adelaide Zoo

Adelaide Zoo is one of Australia’s largest zoos located just outside of the city in Oaklands Park. Spend some time learning about animal conservation with interactive displays or take a walk through African Safari where you’ll be able to see animals like giraffes and elephants up close! You can also get your hands messy making things like clay models or paint pictures that will encourage children (and adults!) to explore their creativity while having fun together as a family.

Explore Torrens Linear Park

Located just west of the city center, this park has plenty of space for fun activities like picnics or playing sports. You can also rent out boats on one end if you want to enjoy some boating fun all day long!

Visit Port Adelaide

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One of the most popular destinations in Adelaide is Port Adelaide, which offers an eclectic mix of family-friendly activities and attractions geared towards adults.

Port Adelaide is a vibrant area with attractions ideal for a family as well as couples visiting. A fun variety of cultural and art opportunities are available for adults while kids enjoy the hands-on features in their exhibitions!

Take a Walk at Rundle Mall

Rundle Mall is a great place to have some fun and take in all the sights of this city. If you’re looking for an activity that will make your kids happy, head over to Rundle Mall! There are many shops here with souvenirs or clothing from around Adelaide – perfect for those who love taking pictures as much as they enjoy exploring new places.

Henley Beach is the Perfect Place to Spend the Day

Watching the brilliant sunset over St Vincent Gulf from Henley Beach is a romantic thing to do.

On a hot summer’s day, joining locals on the beach for a swim in Adelaide is one of the amazing things to do, so close your eyes and feel the saltwater.

Spend Some Time at Glenelg Beach

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For families, there is plenty to enjoy here with a playground and an iconic pier as well as lots of swimming spots! The beach is known for its safe surfing waves too so if you want fun things to do with your family that are a little more active, this is a great place to come and explore!

Visit Kangaroo Island

Not only will you be able to get up close with kangaroos on this island off the South Australia coast but there are also lots of other fun attractions like museums, wildlife parks, and more! Visit during the winter months if you want to see the fun wildlife that lives on this island!

Explore Ayers House Museum

Located on River Terrace in the beautiful Adelaide Hills, this historic museum is open year-round and features a unique collection of historic buildings. Spanning four different time periods that represent South Australia’s growth over time, you’ll be able to explore everyday life here as you go through four landmark buildings that represent South Australia’s past.

Visit Tramway Museum

Adelaide isn’t just fun things to do in town – there are lots of fun places that are nearby too! For example, if you want something out-of-the-way then consider exploring this museum highlighting streetcars and trams from across Australia over time. You can see some of these historic vehicles so close up your nose might touch them!

Explore Adelaide’s Garden City Heritage Trail

If you’re looking for fun attractions near Manchester Square or the Central Business District, this fun garden walk is exactly what you’re looking for. You can stroll through the park and see many plant species from around Australia!

Discover Adelaide’s Churches

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Discover Adelaide churches “As Adelaide is known as the city of churches, a fitting thing to do in Adelaide is to visit one, such as St Peter’s Cathedral.” For a long time (since 1867), Adelaide was known as the City of Churches because of the number of architecturally stunning churches representing a range of denominations. Drive around and see many lovely churches.

Quietly standing on Johnson Square, down from the parish church dedicated to Saint Michael in his Angels and Saint John’s Church, it’s hard not to believe that this place has been set aside for divine worship since Biblical times.

State Library of South Australia

If you’re looking for fun things to do in Adelaide with your kids then head over to the State Library of South Australia. This fun library features a reading room, as well as exhibits about life in different times and places – all while being surrounded by books!

Visit McLaren Vale Winery

Head north on the Wine Route and visit this winery where they have some tasty wines available at affordable prices too! You’ll be able to enjoy wine tasting tours or just explore their gardens before coming back down south again without having spent much money. There are also lots of great restaurants nearby if you want something even more fun after an hour or two here enjoying wine tastings!

Explore Lefevre Peninsular

This fun-loving peninsula is the perfect place to explore fun things. You’ll be able to hike trails, see kangaroos and other wildlife too! There are also views of the coast that you can enjoy from a safe distance while admiring nature at its best!

Have a Ghost Tour at the Historic Adelaide Gaol

The fun ghost tours of the gaol are perfect for fun things to do in town with your friends. You’ll be able to see where some notorious criminals were incarcerated, and hear about their crimes as well! The fun thing is you can decide if they’re guilty or not – it’s up to you!

Be Adventurous at Treeclimb Adelaide

If you’re looking for fun things to do in Adelaide with your friends, then head over to Treeclimb. Here, you can climb a tree and have fun too! The fun thing is that they offer this adventure at many heights, so it’s perfect for anyone from six years old on up!

Adelaide can be an excellent holiday destination for everyone. With plenty of things to do, it’s a great place to visit if you’re looking for something new and exciting! And your tour will be more relaxing if you’ll have your transport service from a bus hire specialist.